Our Team and Advisors

Not many specialists work in our team. But each of them performs his work at 100% and is an exceptional professional in his field.

We collected advisors with practical experience in the gambling industry.
These are people who have experience in realizing similar projects in the real world.

Our Team

  • Vojtěch Novotný
    Vojtěch NovotnýUX/UI Designer and Frontend Developer
  • Jiři Bartak
    Jiři BartakBackend Developer and Smart Contract Engineer
  • Pavel Hrebicek
    Pavel HrebicekMarketing and SEO
  • Radek Kopsov
    Radek KopsovMath and Cryptography Engineer
  • Darya Zavyalova
    Darya ZavyalovaSmart Contract Engineer
  • Denis Latyshko
    Michal BakajsovBackend Developer


  • Maksim Kiryuhin
    Maksim KiryuhinChairman, FONBET
  • Rhodri Darch
    Rhodri DarchChief Strategy Officer, KINDRED


Any questions you can ask the CoinCasino team via Discord

In addition, you can write to us at team@ccasino.io

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