CoinCasino first blockchain casino
with the ability to convert into real money

CoinCasino combines for the first time the advantages of classic online casinos and blockchain technologies. Absolute confidentiality and the ability to convert a token within the platform


Crypto currency

CAS tokens will be used as the main game currency in the casino CoinCasino. Tokens and the work of online casinos are based on blockchain technology. CAS tokens during the ICO can be purchased in exchange for BTC, ETH or real money.

Smart Contract and guarantee of payment

Only you will have access to the CAS wallet. Smart Contracts guarantee that your money will be safe and belong only to you. The presence of a European license for financial activities, confirmed by the guarantee of a large bank, ensures payment of winnings in any amount. This is a fundamentally different approach to ICO!


We will never ask your documents for identification and playing in the online casino CoinCasino.

Network and speed

We use unique technologies based on the blockchain. Our main goal is absolutely independent generation of game combinations and transparency of casino operation. Smart Contracts work instantly, thanks to the structure we developed described in WhitePaper.

Fair game

With the use of blockchain, we were able to create an absolutely safe and honest casino. No one and under any circumstances can not influence the distribution and game combinations.

Start ICO: 15 JANUARY 2018 — 15 FEBRUARY 2018


Ethereum: 0x8cbac609Bd23358E6F0D8b637fD08aA924BEABeB How to participate in our ICO?
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  • Primary CAS distribution

  • Using CAS after ICO

Project plan

  • 2017 Q1-Q2

    Getting started on the gaming platform

  • 2017 Q2

    Getting started with blockchain

  • 2017 Q3

    The first working prototypes and debugging technologies

  • 2017 Q4


  • 2018 Q2

    Launch CoinCasino!


Smart strategy

All raised funds will be invested according to the project development plan. With a detailed plan for the development and distribution of funds you can find in WhitePaper.

Casino for everyone

A well-designed casino structure allows users to enjoy the game at any level of rates.

Experienced team

CoinCasino is not the first project for our team. At the moment the project is in the final stage of development and has been audited by gambling professionals. Detailed information about our auditors in the "team" section.

Financial guarantees and reliability

We are the first project in the world of crypto-currencies offering the exchange of CAS tokens within the CoinCasino platform for real currency and having the guarantees of a large bank for payments on obligations to players and participants of the ICO.


In our plans, obtaining a gambling license to create the world's first casino with a single platform for playing CAS tokens and real money!

Multiplatformness and independence from laws

Play online casino CoinCasino anywhere in the world. Run on any device a web version of the onine casino in HTML5 and install the CoinCasino application.


Any questions you can ask the CoinCasino team via Discord

In addition, you can write to us at

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